Best CM in India: Himanta B Sarma is the Best Chief Minister in India followed by Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath and West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee. 

Subhash | February 14, 2022

Best Chief Minister in India, 13th January 2021: Ormax Media’s Chief Minister’s rating for the month of January has Assam CM Himanta B Sarma as the Best Chief Minister in India.

As per Ormax Media Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath is 2nd best Chief Minister in India. Mamata Banerjee has served as CM for the past 10 years has reached 3rd position. Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin in 4th position.

Below we have shared the ranking of all the Chief Ministers in India for the month of January.

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Here is the complete analysis from the Ormax best Chief Minister in India monthly report:

Top 10 Chief Ministers in India

1. Himanta Sarma: 70% up 5%

Himanta was in 3rd position in the list of Best Chief Ministers in India for December. Last month his rating was 65%and this month he gained 5% in his popularity rating and also gained in his overall ranking.

2. Yogi Adityanath, 64% down 2%

Last month Yogi Adityanath was in 2nd position with Odisha CM. He has maintained his position as 2nd Best CM Minister in India. His rating stands at 64%

His overall popularity rating saw a 2% decline.

3. Mamta Banerjee, 63%, up 1%

Mamata Banerjee has been elected as Chief Minister of Bengal for the 3rd consecutive time. Despite 10 years of anti-incumbency, TMC won more than 200 seats in Bengal.

Mamata Banerjee’s ranking was 4th in last month. This month she is in the No. 3 position. Her overall popularity saw a 1% increase that is from 64% to 63%

4. M K Stalin, 62%, down 4%

MK Stalin was in a first position last month. This month there was a decline of 4% in his popularity. He is in the top ten positions for the past two months ranking.

5. Arvind Kejriwal, 61%, up 7% 

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is ranked 5th most popular Chief Minister. In the month of December, he was ranked as the 7th most popular leader. He has gained 7% popularity.

6. Naveen Patnaik, 59% down 2%

Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik improved his ranking this month. He was in 4th position in September’s rating.

Naveen Patnaik has maintained its 6th position. In last month also he was ranked as 6th best CM of India. He is always included in the top ten rankings.

7. Shivraj Singh Chauhan, 58% up 5%

Shivraj Singh Chouhan who has shared the No 1 spot with UP CM as Best CM in India in January lost his top spot last April.

For the month of January, he has been able to maintain his ranking but his popularity rating saw a 5% increase.

8. Bhupendra Patel, 56% up 2%

Gujarat’s Chief Minister earlier has shared 7th position with Maharashtra Chief Minister. He also maintains the top ranking.

He currently ranks 8th position as his popularity increases by 2%.

9. Uddhav Thackeray: 53% up 2%

Uddhav Thackeray was ranked 5th in April month’s survey report but in May he lost his ranking and has moved to the 8th spot. Last Month he was in 10th position. In the month of January, he is ranked as 9th which is increasing in its popularity by 2%.

This month with a 53% rating he is in 9th position.

9. Pinaray Vijayan 53%, down 5%

Kerala CM has several times remained in the top ten ranking of best CM of India but this time there is a decline in its ranking and he Finishes with 9 Positions. Kerala CM Pinjarayi Vijayan was in 3rd position in the list of Best Chief Ministers in India for September.

Last month Pinarayi Vijayan was in 5th position and there is a decline in 5% of his popularity. He is currently sharing his rank with Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray.

10. Basvaraj Bommai, 49%, up 4%

Last month Basvaraj Bommai was the 14th Popular CM of India. Currently, he has finished with 10th Position for best CM. There is an increase of 4% rating in his popularity. After several months Karnataka CM is included in the top 10 positions.

(Only states with 10 million+ pop was considered in this list)

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